2012 Northern WI Photos

2012 Great Lakes Photos 

First and foremost, “Thank you!” to all of the people who made another great Wisconsin Waterfowl Season possible!  The 2012 Wisconsin Waterfowl Season was a fantastic year for waterfowling in our State and was the best season to date in both Northern Wisconsin and on the Great Lakes for WDH Guide Service!

Birds Harvested in the 2012 Wisconsin Waterfowl Season represented 21 different species of waterfowl (20 duck and 1 goose species)!  Full plumage drakes of 14 duck species were taken and a total of 414 ducks and 1 goose were harvested!  Clients averaged 16.6 shooting opportunities (individual groups of birds through decoys) per outing which resulted in a staggering 9.1 birds in hand per outing!

Thank you again to all who made it possible and I hope to see you again next season for more great duck hunting!

-Capt. Jeff Van Remortel-